iKon Pushes Industry Limits

The brand “iKon” was chosen by a panel of enthusiasts to register the iconic aspiration to grow fishing and be remembered for it. In an ever-changing world, the LX editions were developed to overcome existing hurdles.

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Protect Resources Better

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Optimal Ride for Rough Waters

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More Everything

iKonic Terrain logo

iKonic Terrain

The 2-piece flexible architecture used in our “iKonic Terrain” (iT) stringer and deck design(s) were optimized to yield more fishing real estate than any other product in the game. If someone says size doesn’t matter, take a look at our fishing storage. Our forward fishing locker is fitted with over 21.5 cubit feet and sets the record to be outrigged over 50 Plano boxes while leaving ample room for spare clothing. It’s so big, it can be used as a personal storm shelter if empty. The rod locker can store a staggering 36 rods measuring 9’8’’. Our ultra-dry, tall gutter system protects our waterproof hatches for the wettest climates with a polished finish under-the-hood. The days of water spilling into your rear mechanical hatches are finally over.

Latona Livewell System logo

L2 Latona Livewell System

The world is now revolutionized with a livewell to protect fish during and after a tournament. The “L2” livewell system is integrated with technology that has kept bait alive in the hot coastal saltwater industry for days. This innovative, first-in-class, automated livewell system controls auto-fill, auto-maintain-fill, auto-circulate, auto-oxygenation, auto-inject fish additive, and even auto-temp. The lid and cavity shape designs, united with the integration controls mechanisms and a left-fit chiller plate, produce a healthy environment with anti-sloshing for fish to survive with only care at the click of helm controls. Save your time and money with ice and manually adding fish additives throughout the day so you can focus on fishing! And if that’s not enough, you don’t even have to get out of the cockpit to fill your bag for weigh-in’s with our quick connect fill system.

Hydrodynamic Stabilizer System Trademarked logo

The all new “Hydrodynamic Stabilizer System” (HSS) hull combines the most accomplished naval architect design strategies used in saltwater fisheries with the performance requirements for freshwater applications to deliver a ride that is unlike any in every perspective: stability, comfort, responsiveness, and speed. This vessel has been surgically developed to manage any body of water you may encounter, eliminate fishing disruptions from hard chops, and the proof is in the ride.

World-Class Helm and Controls

With capabilities unmatched by any seating system in the industry, iKon introduces the all-new E-seat system to complement a world-class helm and controls configuration. Our automotive designs incorporate intelligent features with an embedded in-house 6-spring suspension system. The intuitive configuration removes interference structure to look around to any spot of the boat underway, doesn’t require a muscle-up getting in and out of the driver’s seat, and cradles the body with comfort for long days on the water. To give it personality, for the first time of its kind, there is an infused polished fiberglass seatback for customization flavor with high-quality cool breeze upholstery materials that breath on their own to offer any cool options you can dream of. The most powerful cooler on the market, our fully insulated cooler accommodates a case of water and proven to deliver “Yeti-like” cold on a hot day and transforms a third seat. There is a convertible additional seat integrated into our additional insulated cooler for larger crews.