iKon Boats was created to push limits

The winning attitude can be seen through the meticulous application of yacht engineering throughout the use of rich and quality materials with sleek craftsmanship.

Built for Service/Aftermarket

Led by enabling-product-and-fishing-expertise, the LX offers built-in, ease-of-use service and ownership cycle strategic access for service and after-market upgrade(s). To begin, our in-house yacht harness is manufactured with the highest grade of tin cooper wire with the largest gauge and even exceeds regulatory ABYC standards. Rigged with plentiful, our truly plug-and-play harness features a fully integrated NMEA2K network with bus access at the bow and helm in a dedicated pathway to handle all of your fishing electronics and eliminates re-engineering after-market activation. The days of getting under-the-hood are no longer cumbersome with our 360-degree access to the transom hatches that are easily removable all the way to bilge.

Heritage grows from innovation